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About us

BALM BAR was designed for people who have chapped lips, and also love the relaxing, unforgettable, soothing fragrances of their favorite beverages. When we are exhausted from a stressful day, our senses are soothed by the aroma of coffee, cocktails, wines, champagne and bubble tea. BALM BAR is the only online lip care shop in Australia and New Zealand that specializes in an array of flavours for a wide range of beverages.

​All of our lip balm are made from natural ingredients such as NZ beeswax, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, and FDA approved food grade flavour oils. By using the right proportions of natural ingredients in our long lasting moisturised balms, your lips and skin are left feeling moisturised, supple, and smooth long past midnight. All of our ingredients are natural and free of preservatives.

​The packaging for BALM BAR is made of vibrant, fun, and environmentally friendly Kraft paper tubes. Kraft paper has a low impact on our environment regardless of whether it’s recycled or sent to a landfill. 

​You can give a balm bar not only to yourself, but to friends and family who share beautiful memories with you through the flavors of beverages. 


​As much as we love the products we make, we also hope you will like our BALM BAR. Thank you for visiting BALM BAR

What is special about BALM BAR?

Simple organic ingredients

Long lasting

Super moist

18 different delicious beverage flavours

Animal cruelty free

No harmful plastic container

Eco friendly container

Perfect gift as reminder of memories your shared together

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